Powering manufacturing across the globe, our NetStaX development kits and tools bring products to market faster with drop and play capabilities for enhanced embedded connectivity and reliability. Easily troubleshoot, debug, test and enable complete protocol functionality 

We’re constantly working to improve our NetStaX kits and tools based on our customer’s feedback, market requirements, and innovative thinking. Today, we released version 4.10.0 of our NetStaX EtherNet/IP product line. Here’s a summary of what we changed: 


  • CT17 compliantEtherNet/IP ODVA Conformant
  • Log file cleanup
  • Linux platform timing
  • Class 3 connections
  • Linux sockets cleanup
  • Multiservice requests processing
  • Removal of MFC from examples
  • Multicast connection configuration
  • Extended Path Link processing


  • Added documentation and example code to platform files
  • Added the option to have a notification for every incoming IO packet
  • Multi-service requests using the Request Group API will now support bridged target paths
  • Added support for Identity object attribute 18 (Modbus Identity) to the Modbus translator

NetStaX 4.10.0 EtherNet/IP products include: 

Protocol Stack Source Code:  

Protocol Stack DLL: