By Robert Dubois, President

ConnectivityCloud computing. The Connected Enterprise. Big Data. The Industrial Internet of Things.

What do these all have in common? Network connectivity.

If you peel away the big, complicated names, the core of each of these things is the same-

Network connectivity enables you to access, collect, share and utilize data across your enterprise. It also means communicating with more of your enterprise. Connected collaboration taps into smart machine and device technology to help organizations make better business decisions (or in some cases, makes decisions automatically).


Here at Pyramid Solutions, we develop products and enable network connectivity. For the past 25 years, we have delivered on the promise of the connected enterprise, by effectively aiding organizations with cloud-based computing and producing data sources that make Big Data useful. We have been creating smart devices for some of the world’s largest industrial automation, transportation and energy OEMs.

The result is more than just machine-to-machine communication. Our Network Connectivity solutions enable manufacturers to implement enterprise-wide communications that yield operations visibility and control, improved production, and greater ROI.