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Just-in-Sequence for Automotive Manufacturing Explained

Just-in-sequence (JIS) manufacturing is considered an evolution of just-in-time. It delivers the right parts to the right assembly line in the right order. Just-in-sequence is perfect for automotive manufacturing environments because production tends to be high-variety and low-volume.

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Start Your Process Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (PFMEA)

Where do you start when you need to ensure that your manufacturing process runs as smoothly as possible without any surprises? Keep reading to learn how to calculate your process’ RPN (Risk Priority Number) and download our Process Failure Modes Effect Analysis template to start error-proofing your processes today.

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Twenty-Six Things You Didn’t Know IntelliWORKS Could Do

What is Lean manufacturing? Lean manufacturing or lean production, is a systematic method for waste minimization within a manufacturing system without sacrificing productivity. To be a lean manufacturer, you need an agile manufacturing execution system (MES) that adapts to the manufacturing processes and provides monitoring and control functions to efficiently produce quality product in a non-intrusive manner.

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Ten Signs You Need a New Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

The heart of your plant’s manufacturing operations is the manufacturing execution system (MES). If the heart is not performing like it once did though, then it may be time to consider intervention. Below are 10 warning signs that it is time to either replace your current MES or give it some much-needed attention and updates.

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Seventeen Non-Functional Airbags Installed in Vehicles – Why You Need Automotive Manufacturing Traceability

When a car crashes into an object, there’s a timeframe of 60 milliseconds to save the driver’s life. Six one-hundredths of a second are all it takes for the driver to make contact with the airbag. And if not the airbag, then the dashboard or windshield.

In an industry where milliseconds mean life or death, perfection is the standard.

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