By Taylor Trapani, Marketing Associate

In the manufacturing world, things don’t always go as planned.

It’s common for manufacturers to end up with broken part tabs, scratched car doors or stripped screws.

This causes production slowdowns, long delays and low-quality products which ultimately leads to unhappy customers, lost revenue and possibly a dreaded recall. These consequences make defect tracking and reporting especially important.

It’s vital for every manufacturer to consistently produce quality products. Leveraging a defect tracking and reporting solution that provides real-time production data will ensure your products are defect free.

An important component of any defect tracking system is the database that records and stores all the known facts and issues regarding every defect including:

  • The time a defect took place
  • A defect’s severity
  • The person who reported the defect
  • Who is working on solving the issue

A defect tracking system supports the entire lifecycle of a defect, allowing its administrators to move the status, delete the defect and configure commissions based on status, among other actions.

An important benefit of a defect tracking system is the provision of a clear, centralized overview of development requests for defects, improvements, and their current state. The backlog of pending items provides valuable input when it comes time for the next release or when defining a product’s roadmap.

We offer a solution that allows for the quick identification and reporting of defects in manufacturing processes. As you saw in the demonstration video, this defect tracking software immediately detects defects and notifies operators and supervisors with horns, lights and screen notifications. It then creates reports that help determine the root cause of the defect. This solution attaches defect data to a specific assembly for historical and regulatory reporting functions, as well as for repair purposes.

Don’t let defects trip up production. Plan for the unexpected by investing in a solution that provides real-time access to the data you need.