Today’s manufacturers are not able to get by with low quality these days. Customer expectations are continuously rising, and the area to voice their dissatisfaction is continually growing. Manufacturers can’t afford to rely on paper-based processes to achieve their quality goals. So what happens when you ignore modern day error proofing? We guarantee if you bypass an error proofing system, you are destined to make three mistakes:

1. Fudge Factors: These are adjustments included in calculations to account for error or unanticipated circumstances. Within manufacturing, fudge factors occur when trying to calculate how much scrap was produced in a batch. This seems harmless, but without knowing the exact amount of scrap produced, your inventory counts are incorrect, the amount of raw material you have to order for replenishment is incorrect, and the count of finished goods is off, ultimately costing you lost revenue.

2. Confirmation: Without having error proofing in place, you cannot confirm that the correct tools, materials or components were used to manufacture/assemble the correct part, nor can you confirm that the correct identification was placed on the part, or that the part was placed in the correct shipping container. Without the ability to confirm, you will have a lot of headaches but also unnecessary and unexpected costs.

3. Shipping: Sending the correct parts to your customer on time is essential. Customers rely on receiving the correct parts on time; they have already anticipated the parts within their own production facilities (receiving docks, inventory floor space, etc.). Without having the ability to ensure your containers are packed with the correct parts (in the correct sequence), you will lose customers faster than you can manually count the parts that were supposed to be shipped.

So how can you avoid all mistakes like these within your production environment? Check out Pyramid Solutions latest whitepaper, Error Proofing with Barcodes, to see how barcode technology can optimize your processes.