Intelligent Manufacturing

Scalable manufacturing execution systems that provide the reliability, control and visibility necessary to manage your production environment.
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Your operation is complex.
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You need a partner who knows manufacturing. We have over 25 years of manufacturing experience in developing effective and reliable systems for OEMs, suppliers and discrete manufacturers.

Our intelligent manufacturing solutions drive process improvement through access to accurate, real-time plant floor data to give manufacturers a predictive model for staying ahead of increasing requirements for quality, efficiency and regulatory compliance.

Manufacturing Execution System

IntelliWORKS provides an extensive set of features and interfacing capabilities leveraging MES principles: error proofing, traceability, defect tracking, production testing, sequencing and packout and labeling.

  • Defect Tracking: Track, control and manage defects when quality is mission critical.
  • Error-Proofing: Instantly alert operators when an error occurs.
  • Packout and Labeling: Facilitate proper parts labeling and packing.
  • Sequencing: Get the right part to the right place at the right time.
  • Traceability and Genealogy: Store, collect and report on reliable comprehensive data
Intelligent Manufacturing Solutions

Industries Served



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  • Automotive
  • Discrete
  • Heavy Truck
  • OEMs

Twenty-Six Things You Didn’t Know IntelliWORKS Could Do

What is Lean manufacturing? Lean manufacturing or lean production, is a systematic method for waste minimization within a manufacturing system without sacrificing productivity. To be a lean manufacturer, you need an agile manufacturing execution system (MES) that adapts to the manufacturing processes and provides monitoring and control functions to efficiently produce quality product in a non-intrusive manner.

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Ten Signs You Need a New Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

The heart of your plant’s manufacturing operations is the manufacturing execution system (MES). If the heart is not performing like it once did though, then it may be time to consider intervention. Below are 10 warning signs that it is time to either replace your current MES or give it some much-needed attention and updates.

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