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You heard right! Pyramid Solutions released a set of IBM Content Navigator Plug-ins that include Document Split & Merge, Document Tagging & Bookmarking, Context-Based Searching and Business Enabled Configurations. Never before have content management systems been able to perform such tasks.

Split & Merge:

Authorized users are able to create or correct documents directly within your CMS. Documents can be reassembled, split or merged to correct scanning and classification errors or to assemble new content needed for a specific process.


A powerful capability that allows you to apply a controlled set of tags to content- in turn increasing productivity and reducing processing time.


Easily mark and describe key information so that you’re able to simply click on the bookmark, read any associated comments, and jump directly to the information they seek.

Context-Based Search:

Find documents, folders, and images based on how they were used and what business process/es they are related to. You can be certain that the information you find and use is the most up to date and relevant. You will no longer have to perform research due to duplicates or errors to understand which piece of content is the right one to use.

Business Enabled Configurations:

The business is now able to take control of configuring all of Pyramid eXpeditor for Content’s features to suit their needs.  Specific business users like managers, VP’s or designated staff can set up tags and manage who can add and delete them. Searches can be preconfigured and assigned to groups of users within the organization and also be designated to create new searches and share them with teams.