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By Taylor Trapani, Marketing Associate and Dayna Carlin, Marketing Executive

Every day we use tools that help us get our work done. But, how do you know when to upgrade the tools? Or if they’re obsolete because of advancements in technology?

Organizations measure a tool’s effectiveness by its functionalities, performance outcomes and ease of use. For most tools, no single measure of performance suffices to justify an upgrade – especially when it comes to viewing and processing documents.

An organization only truly benefits when their document viewer can function at a high-performance rate. Modern HTML5 Document viewers should not only view documents, but also fix documents that were scanned into the system upside down, remove blank pages, or even prepare a document package in the proper manner.

So we thought to ourselves, how do leading document viewers stack up against our HTML5 Document Viewer, Pyramid eXpeditor?


HTML5 Document Viewer