Agile eXporter

Agile eXporter meets all of your document exporting needs. We designed Agile eXporter as a plug-and-play capability that makes it easy and cost effective to deliver large set of documents in specific delivery formats.

Rather than placing documents into a flat, unorganized file, users can specify the configuration for an entire list of documents. Agile eXporter automatically downloads and repackages documents so you can process thousands of documents from hundreds of business objects.

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How It Works

Agile eXporter connects to a repository then retrieves and organizes requested documents based on the document or business object list and instructions in the file. The final output package is a set of files and directories that contain the documents in a customized structure and meet the exact business requirements.

By using the enterprise content management methodology, Agile eXporter provides a comprehensive and flexible way to package documents for a variety of uses including:

Mortgage Loan Sales

Export, scrub and package multiple loans for investor review. Users can also prepare and deliver documents in MISMO format for FHA insurance review and approval.

Loan Proceedings

Select only the documents that need legal review, convert to PDF and deliver in a password-protected zip archive.

Customer Account Transfers

Package and deliver active portfolio documents to customers to start a new account. Agile eXporter automatically updates document properties to match the new account standard.

Patient Records

Group patient medical records and safely and securely place them on a CD or DVD for the patient or other healthcare providers in accordance with HIPAA regulations.

Claims Processing

Extract and package required claims forms and accident reports. Users can convert all documents to PDF format to prevent modification.

  • Filter retrieved documents based on type or specific properties
  • Translate document properties according to customer naming standards
  • Rename documents based on properties and system variables
  • Convert all documents to PDF, TIFF or the industry standard — MISMO format
  • Arrange documents in a set of folders designated by file properties
  • Generate manifest files that capture the content of the export for a complete audit that ensures traceability and procedural compliance
  • Prepare content for transportation to another system
  • Keeps the barriers to adoption low and the developed configuration quality high
  • Easily share developed configurations throughout the enterprise
  • Coworkers can use configurations ‘as is’ or as a starting point to meet their specific needs
  • Output tailored to customer requirements ensures that the receivers can easily ingest it
  • Reduce transfer time
  • Avoid mistakes

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