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P&C Insurance Provider Expedites Claims Processing
with IBM and Guidewire Integration

A Case Study

Client Overview

Our client is a P&C insurance provider that has been a trusted part of their community for over 100 years. They continually provide members with valuable products and services and are part of a family of companies with employees and members across 15 states.

The Challenge

Our client’s claims process had a number of challenges:

  1. It took a very long time to process and provide payout payments to customers
  2. Employees were forced to jump from IBM Case Manager to Guidewire back and forth all day long.
  3. Their initial FNOL and legal demand letters were all manually entered 

All of these issues combined greatly interfered with employee productivity, in turn slowing down their entire claims process.

To provide a better experience for employees and customers, our clients sought out different vendors to help them alleviate their issues. Ultimately, Pyramid Solutions was chosen because of our demonstrated insurance expertise and proven Guidewire integrations.  


Our Innovative Solution

To fix our client’s issues, we determined that IBM Datacap and IBM Case Foundation, would the best applications to fix our client’s issues while working with Guidewire.

We kicked off the project by integrating their IBM environments with Guidewire ClaimsCenter and customized it based on our client’s objectives. Included in this integration was setting up IBM FileNet P8. for storage and document linking. Having FileNet P8 utilized as document storage ensured that security was in place so that users could only see documents that have arrived, but not view the documents in full, depending on role. 

Then, we set up automatic intake, classification and notification of key information pulled from emails, faxes and paper documents into Guidewire; Key information extracted from documents determines if a claim has already been created. Next, we implemented automatic identification of demand letters and FNOL documents for priority processing, and set up workflow triggers from incoming or trailing documents. 

Additionally, Guidewire was set up as the primary interface to allow the ability to view and search content within the Guidewire UI, eliminating the hassle of jumping between claims systems. 

Now, with the new integration in place, our client has seen numerous benefits across the board including a reduction of time it takes to process a claim from intake to completion, prioritization of FNOL and other claim documents, automatic data classification and extraction from documents, and shorter processing times.   

Technology Used

  • EIBM Datacap
  • EIBM FileNet P8
  • EIBM Case Foundation
  • EGuidewire ClaimsCenter

Our Exceptional Results


Reduction in claims processing from intake to completion

Reduced operating expenses

Better customer experiences

We helped our client achieve faster claims processing and a better customer experience.

How can we help you? 

Reach out to us today to see how our team can help you achieve your goals. From faster document processing, onboarding to migration and managed services, let’s help you achieve your objectives.