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Can we get a round of applause for our newest Pyramidian?!

Here at Pyramid Solutions, we are starting Q2 off with a bang by welcoming a new Pyramidian to the team, Michelle PrivettMichellhas joined our insurance  practice as a Process Specialist with a diverse background, working for some of the biggest life insurance and reinsurance providersMichelle is ready to combine her interest in technology and passion for insurance to help companies find innovative ways to serve their customers   

“I love cool technology and always keep up with the newest innovations,” says Privett. “Pyramid Solutions is the perfect place for me to develop my interest in intelligent automation technology so I can help underwriters work more efficiently.”  

As a Process Specialist, Michelle will help providers discover how automation technology can improve traditional processes like underwriting, claims, and policy administrationShe is also excited to educate the industry on solutions using natural language processing, machine learning, and robotic process automation (RPA), which not only drive down operating costs but help deliver the best customer experience possible.  

With more than 20 years of experience in the life insurance industryincluding serving as the Vice President of the AHOU Education Committee and current Vice President of the Ambassador Program for the Texas-Wide Underwriting Conference (TWUC) Board of DirectorsMichelle has experience in almost every area of underwriting. She has particular affinity for accelerated underwriting (AUW) and use of rules engines 

“Accelerated underwriting is what really sparked my passion. When I worked on direct-to-consumer (DTC) business and learned about accelerated underwriting, I wanted to understand what an underwriting rule was. The AUW concept fascinated me, and the life insurance industry is using it to hopefully close the insurance gap that exists throughout America,” says Privett.  

Now Michelle has decided to take the foundations of rules-based underwriting to a higher level bcombining it with intelligent automation in underwriting.  

“I see intelligent automation helping insurance underwriters in multiple areas, but most notably in interpretation of Attending Physician Statements, better known as medical records. Technology is advancing daily and will help underwriters to efficiently evaluate the numerous pages found in medical records, which will help reduce underwriter burnout,” says Privett. 

With Pyramid Solutions’ Medical Extraction Solution, Privett hopes to assist companies’ traditional and accelerated underwriting programs. After spending 18 years in case underwriting, she understands the importance of pertinent data capture and extraction from medical records. Integrating mortality- and/or morbidity-related information from medical records or other data sources into the traditional underwriting workflow helps underwriters process applications fasterAccelerated underwriting programs can also use the extracted information to evaluate applicant risk for potential policy issue.  

“As we seek to insure more Americans, technology continues to play a larger role in the underwriting process,” says Privett. I am excited to help underwriting departments with technology solutions to ensure more Americans are covered with life insurance and can sleep better knowing they have protected their loved ones. 


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