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We are ecstatic to announce Pyramid Solutions has joined the Red Hat Partner Connect Program as a Technology Partner. Red Hat Partners

Red Hat’s Partner Connect Program provides technology companies the ability to align, build, test and certify products on the Red Hat portfolio. With our core focus on delivering innovative solutions that drive exceptional results to our clients, becoming a Red Hat partner was an easy decision.

Partnering with Red Hat allows us to develop and innovate to our clients by working with technologies such as Linux and Kubernetes. In addition, we can now offer our clients a way to securely deploy, run and manage data applications either on-premises or private and have multiple clouds.

“As companies continue to evolve and transform, we must too. Pyramid Solutions needs to stay abreast of leading technologies to provide our clients with solutions that truly fit their needs. Our partnership with Red Hat does just that! It gives us and our clients the tools we need to continue solving complex business challenges.” – Bob DuBois, President, Pyramid Solutions

In addition, complementing Pyramid eXpeditor with IBM and Red Hat technologies supplies our clients with a truly agile content management system. Automating everyday business processes with enhanced capture, analytics, and management capabilities on an infrastructure that works best for each individual client.


About Pyramid Solutions, Inc.

Pyramid Solutions helps organizations automate they work with content everyday. Leveraging dynamic case management, business process management, robotic process automation, and advanced document imaging,  our solutions drive greater operational efficiency by reducing dependency on manual processing.

Our deep understanding of information, content management, and best practices position us to offer creative, effective solutions to meet your business goals. This is why time-and-again, clients trust us to resolve their operational and technological challenges, identify strategic opportunities and deliver best-in-class solutions with exceptional results. 


For any questions regarding our Red Hat partnership, please reach out to [email protected]