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A new season calls for new functionalities! We’re kicking off spring with the release of our latest version of Pyramid eXpeditor. Pyramid eXpeditor gives IBM Case and Content users greater visibility into their workload and client information, extends functionalities with add-on tools and provides advanced analytics– all on one easy-to-use interface. With Pyramid eXpeditor, companies can give their employees the tools they need in order to increase efficiency and productivity and find what they’re looking for right away.

What’s new in 5.4?

Never accidently delete a document again.

Pyramid eXpeditor users are now able to “soft delete” documents. Now, when you go to delete or accidently delete any document, they are moved into your repositories recycling bin instead of being completely deleted from the system altogether. The best part? Your deleted documents can be easily recovered from your recycling bin at any time! 

Find exactly what you’re looking for.

Have you ever tried to see who the last person to download a document was, when documents were added to your system or what the last activity performed using a specific document was? It was nearly impossible, but not now! With Pyramid eXpeditor 5.4, you can easily search on specific events and activities as you wish.

These events include but are not limited to:

  • any changes made to a document
  • which user uploaded the document
  • updates made by a specific user or any and all documents added or versioned within a certain timeframe

Any event that is being audited in your environment can qualify as a searchable event. This could be almost any content, object or workflow event that occurs within your environment. 

Ready to upgrade to Pyramid eXpeditor 5.4?  Simply reach out to your account executive or connect with us via support.