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We are excited to share that our very own Director of Innovation, Brian Benoit is speaking at IBM Think 2021. Brian will be joined by Ed Lynch, vice president of business automation at IBM, to host a keynote session, “How the World’s Most Transformative Companies Are Scaling Intelligent Automation.

This session focuses on Automation Achievers — companies that are looking to utilize intelligent automation as a key initiative over the next couple of years — and the reality that 73% of these Automation Achievers are still 12-24 months away from formalizing a strategic plan to implement intelligent automation within their organization with 70% unable to scale to see the results they desire.

Together, Brian and Ed will examine how Automation Achievers can meet their goals by leveraging IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation to help with process automation and identify further opportunities with artificial intelligence insight.  

Highlights of this keynote include:  

Why Automation Achievers are falling short of meeting their goals 

With so much drive and motivation to meet goals, what are the hiccups standing in the way of Automation AchieversBrian and Ed will examine common pitfalls Automation Achievers fall into, including disorganized objectives, overuse of technology and not getting enough data insight to understand how to implement automation efficiently, and how Automation Achievers can overcome these to succeed.  

How IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation empowers Automation Achievers 

For companies that want to drive automation within their organization, IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation is a must-have tool. IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation is an all-encompassing software tool with content management, RPA, process mining, OCR, decisions management, and workflow automation.  

Brian and Ed will provide an overview of what Cloud Pak is and discuss their proven approach of using non-traditional automation methods within Cloud Pak using Intelligent Document Processing and Robotic Process Automation tools to drive automation forward. 

The best areas of opportunity to apply automation

Automation Achievers look across the organization for opportunities to drive growth and innovation. This is the perfect opportunity to utilize Cloud Pak’s AI-powered automation using data insight to improvexperiences, productivity and operational efficiency.  

If intelligent automation and scaling are part of your business objectives, you will not want to miss this keynoteThe event is on-demand and is available starting on Sunday, May 9 at 10:40 a.m. Register for the event here: