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Mastering Bots: Design and Build an Advanced Digital Workforce

Automation Anywhere RPA Training
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Course Overview

The “Mastering Bots” training course will allow learners to gain confidence in designing and building bots using Automation Anywhere Enterprise version 11.X.

The Automation Anywhere “Mastering Bots” training course will:

  • Provide an overview of Automation Anywhere Enterprise platform, architecture, and components, including development, runtime client, and control room of version 11.X
  • Explain in detail the features and functionalities of the Automation Anywhere Enterprise platform
  • Explain bots and how to create bots using different types of recorders, editor, and basic commands
  • Provide an overview of Bot Insight and MetaBot
  • Discuss approaches to robotic process automation
  • Guide learners to complete hands-on exercises

Upon completion of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a good understanding of robotic process automation and identify use cases
  • Independently develop medium-to-high-complex bots using Automation Anywhere Enterprise version 11.X
  • Learners who complete the “Mastering Bots” course can enroll for the Automation Anywhere Certified Master RPA Professional qualification.


Course Agenda

Automation Anywhere RPA Training Course

Virtual – Online Learning 

Cost: Bundle discounts available

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Day 1


Training Introduction

Introduction to Automation Anywhere









Web Control Room


Features Panel – Overview of All Components Mentioned Below

Features Panel – Dashboard (Home, Bots, Devices, Audit, Workload,


Features Panel – Activity (View Tasks in Progress and Scheduled


Features Panel – Bots (View Bots Uploaded and Credentials)

Features Panel – Devices (View Development and Runtime Clients and

Device Pools)

Features Panel – Workload (Queues and SLA Calculator)

Features Panel – Audit Log (View Activities Logged Which Are

Associated with Web CR)

Features Panel – Administration (Configure Settings, Users, Roles,

License and Migration)


Introduction to Client and Workbench

Recorders – Smart Recorder

Recorders – Screen Recorder

Recorders – Web Recorder

Day 2








Bot Creator


Command Library

Command Library – Loop Command (Introduction, Details Covered

with Other Commands)

Command Library – Excel Command

Command Library – Database Command

Command Library – String Operation Command

Command Library – XML Command

Command Library – Terminal Emulator Command (Per Customer


Command Library – PDF Integration Command

Command Library – FTP Command (Per Customer Interest)

Command Library – PGP Command

Command Library – Object Cloning

Command Library – Error Handling Command

Command Library – Email Automation and Send Email

Command Library – Log to File / Read From CSV/Text

Day 3



Bot Creator

Command Library – Manage Windows Control Command

Workflow Designer

Report Designer

Best Practices





MetaBot with Screen

MetaBot with DLL


Bot Insight


Operational Analytics Overview

Transactional Analytics Overview