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For the better part of its history, the life insurance industry has been associated with old technology and slow processing.

Just because an industry has a long history, that doesn’t mean it’s technology and tools should match it in age.

This year, one of the biggest Life Insurance Conferences will be held in April with a keen focus on innovation in insurance and new tools for the industry.

The event calls all professionals involved in the development, operations, marketing, distribution, technology or administration of individual life insurance products to Chicago April 9-11 to network with peers and discuss innovation. These are some of the focus areas:

  • Adapting to new demands of the marketplace
  • Embracing mobile technology to give customers anytime-anywhere interaction
  • Introducing new elements of competitive differentiation to increase sales opportunities and new business
  • Finding a positive way to engage with customers
  • Transforming distribution models and physical networks

New tools for an old industry is exactly our approach with our latest life underwriting solution. Stop by booth #100 to see how you can streamline your underwriting process to fast-track low-risk applicants, and reduce the time it takes to assess risk and issue a policy for those more complex applicants.

Faster than ever and never before, your underwriters can understand overlapping diagnoses, treatments and conditions to quickly decide if they need to investigate further or approve or deny an applicant. 

Ask us:

  • How we automatically extract key medical information from incoming reports and documents
  • Which pre-defined workflows come with our solution
  • To see how our medical extraction tool automatically creates graphical timelines
  • What kind of content processing tools come with our solution



If you’d like to learn more about the conference or you’d like to schedule a time to meet with us, let us know.

Add it to your calendar


Post updated April 19, 2018.

Thanks to everyone that stopped by our booth! It was great to talk to and listen to awesome sessions by so many experts in the life insurance industry.