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Optimize your most valuable assets – people and data — with intelligent automation.

To help organizations solve their operational challenges, we create intelligent automation solutions by combining leading-edge business process technology with our industry expertise and innovative delivery methods. Discover how our intelligent automation solutions can transform your enterprise and make it more efficient than ever.

Intelligent Automation Solutions

Imagine what you can achieve…

Here at Pyramid Solutions, we’re passionate about turning each and every business goal into reality with our innovative solutions. From reducing costs to empowering your employees, we make it happen with intelligent automation. 




Intelligent Automation Solutions benefits

Reduce total cost of ownership of your business process and departmental operations

Intelligent Automation Solutions benefits

Enable scalability right when you need it most 

Intelligent Automation Solutions benefits

Enhance customer interactions and experiences

Intelligent Automation Solutions benefits

Streamline and reduce complexity within the business process

Intelligent Automation Solutions benefits

Make it easier for your employees to complete work

Intelligent Automation Solutions benefits

Find a partner that makes you look good

What is Intelligent Automation?

Intelligent automation combines business processes, artificial intelligence, and machine learning for the purposes of creating business processes that can think, learn and perform on their own, or alongside employees.   

Robotic Process Automation

RPA is more than just automating processes, it’s about optimizing your entire workforce in the most efficient way possible through automation. Over the years, we’ve built relationships with leading RPA providers to provide the best RPA services, so organizations like yours can achieve complete operational efficiency.

RPA - Robotic Process Automation
Intelligent Document Capture

Intelligent Document Capture

Maybe you’re an organization with a completely manual paper process and you’re just starting to create a capture strategy. Or, perhaps you’re experienced in capture, but are looking to switch platforms and customize your existing capture applications. No matter the situation, Pyramid Solutions is ready to turn your capture plans into a successful reality. 

Workflow Automation

Workflow automation is a powerful tool for organizations looking to increase productivity and streamline their business processes.  We’ll help you identify how to best utilize workflow technology to maximize optimization for your business.

Workflow Automation
Managed Services

Managed Services

Why deal with the headaches of managing your automation platform? With Pyramid Solutions’ Managed Services, we handle it all, so you get the time back to focus on providing innovative services for your customers. while accelerating value on your automation investments over time.

Intelligent Automation Solutions

Automation is in Our Blood

For over 30 years, we have lived and breathed automation and worked with countless organizations across many industries to overcome their challenges. Discover why so many businesses turn to us when it comes to automation solutions.

Join the Transformation 

We’ve helped hundreds of clients across the U.S. streamline operations to drive better results for their customers.

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State of Michigan

From a technology perspective, what Pyramid Solutions accomplished for the Department of Human Services is extraordinary. I’m not aware of any other state that has done this to the magnitude that Michigan has — especially when you look at the unstructured nature of most of the documents that we process. I would recommend Pyramid Solutions for their product expertise, price and responsiveness.

Great American Insurance

Without Pyramid Solutions, I don’t think we could have progressed as quickly to put ourselves in such a strong position for the future. Being able to count on such valuable support from our vendors gives us great confidence that this project will be a success.

Ready to start automating?

Our team of Pyramidians is standing by to help you achieve your goals, which in turn will make you look good in front of your boss!