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Leading Insurer Goes Paperless and Optimizes GuideWire ClaimsCenter

A Case Study

Client Overview

Established in 1896, our client is a Canadian policyholder-owned insurance company that has grown to be one of the largest P&C insurers in the industry. They underwrite full coverage automobile, homeowners, condominium and renters insurance.

The Challenge

After installing a number of content management technologies — IBM Datacap, IBM FileNet P8, and Guidewire PolicyCenter, ClaimsCenter and BillingCenter — our client did not believe they were fully leveraging the technologies to the fullest. With this in mind, they had a focus to develop a robust content management strategy that unlocks a number of benefits including process optimization and lowering operating costs. Additionally our client wanted a completely paperless office – from policy applications and customer quotes to invoicing.

In order to maximize the use of their technology, our client sought a partner that had proven expertise with IBM technology, Guidewire, and P&C claims, underwriting and policy. Pyramid Solutions was a perfect fit due to their background in IBM applications and insurance specialization. 


Our Innovative Solution

Our client did not know the best practices to optimize the technologies they were using across the enterprise, and while they had a number of ideas, they didn’t know the best implementation approach.  

To achieve the goals our client was aiming for, we acted as a consultant to provide insurance best practices and guide our clients through implementing an intelligent document processing solution. Together with our client, we achieved the following steps:

  1. Leveraged the latest advances in their content management system to improve enterprise processes
  2. Set up document capture and indexation so that claim information could be extracted from documents, then moved over to Guidewire
  3. Optimized the management of content within Guidewire (primary-user interface) to improve user efficiency (i.e. users can link to documents from Guidewire, including mobile users) 
  4. Consolidated to a single repository through IBM FileNet P8 to ensure security of documents
  5. Expanded IBM Datacap across all capture channels to create one standard capture path with a single exception business area
  6. Improved operational efficiencies in the claims process and ultimately throughout the organization
  7. Allowed non-Guidewire users to interact with content directly through Content Navigator 
  8. Helped the organization go paperless 

Through our expertise, our client is now able to leverage the latest updates of their content management system to improve enterprise processes, optimize the management of content within Guidewire, have a single content management repository, and improve operational efficiencies in their claims processes, and ultimately, throughout the organization. 

Thanks to Pyramid Solutions, our client is meeting their objectives of claims efficiency and improved customer service!

Technology Used:

  • EIBM Datacap
  • EIBM FileNet P8
  • EIBM Content Foundation
  • EGuidewire ClaimsCenter
  • EGuidewire BillingCenter
  • EGuidewire PolicyCenter

    Our Exceptional Results

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    Competitive Advantage

    With our consulting services, we helped our client make the most out of their content management system and go paperless. 

    Let’s help you make the most out of your technology. 

    If you’re held back due to slow, manual business processes, we can help. Whether you’re looking for consulting services, like our client above, or need a more comprehensive solution such as a full-on install and integration, reach out to see what we can do for your organization.