IBM Digital Business Automation Platform Explained

Learn what all the hype is about with IBM's new platform

Webinar Series

What exactly is the new IBM Digital Business Platform? How does it impact your existing IBM products? How do you upgrade to the new platform?  Get all your questions answered with Pyramid Solutions’ IBM Digital Business Platform Explained webinar series.


IBM Automation Platform for Digital Business Explained

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In this session, Brian Benoit, will provide a complete overview of the Digital Business Platform including what products it’s comprised of, how each piece fits together to create a complete platform and more. 


IBM DBA Content Explained

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Mike Tarangelo, takes a 20-minute exploration of the IBM Digital Business Automation Content component including its capabilities, how it fits into existing infrastructure, the benefits of it, who should upgrade and who shouldn’t.

IBM DBA Tasks (RPA) Explained

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Eric Moore, house RPA expert, walks through the basics of IBM’s RPA (robotic process automation) functionality, which bots do what tasks well, when not to use RPA and how to get started.

IBM DBA Workflow Explained

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This is a session you don’t want to miss. Mike Monteiro, teaches what the workflow component of IBM Digital Business Platform is, how IBM merged ECM and BPM workflows to create IBM Workflow, and how it can fit into your existing infrastructure. 

IBM DBA Capture Explained

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In the fifth session of our seven-part webinar series, Stephanie Kiefer, world-renowned capture expert teaches about the new and deprecated features of IBM Datacap, use cases, and  changes to the component within the new platform.

IBM DBA Decisions Explained

FileNet upgrade servicesWatch On-Demand Webinar Here

In the second to last webinar within the series, Kyle Overall, shares with the ins and outs of policies and decisions (previously-known as business rules) within the IBM  Digital Business Platform. He explains it’s role within the platform, some use cases and more.

How to Upgrade to IBM Automation Platform for Digital Business

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Our seven-part webinar series ends with Brian Benoit, guiding through the process of upgrading to the new platform. He covers the proper steps to take, expectations, common missteps, and more.