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RPA for P&C Claims Process


Is your onboarding process leaving money on the table? If it takes you longer than a couple of days to onboard your clients, it is – and it’s A LOT of money being left on the table.

Did you know on average it takes commercial banks 20-90 days to onboard a client due to it being plagued with manual paper-driven processes? Not only are you missing the opportunity to start charging fees sooner, but it’s also plenty of time for your clients to become frustrated and abandon the process.

Watch Treasury Management: Empowering Digital Workers with RPA and learn how you can empower your team to drastically cut down processing times and collect fees sooner. RPA automates the tedious but important work and allows your team to focus on providing better value to your clients and customers.

During the webinar we address how RPA can:

  • Automate the process of collecting corporate documents from multiple sources and extracting client data to leverage across your business systems
  • Automate data validation resulting in reduced errors and increased upsell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Integrate and expand automation capabilities to dramatically improve your existing business processes and drive down the cost
  • Be used across the enterprise in various departments and processes with short turnaround times and higher ROI

Robotic Process Automation offers a short time to benefit, with dramatic ROI. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn why you should get started right now. 


Christine Barry

Christine Barry

Research Director, Aite Group

Christine Barry serves as a research director for Aite Group focusing on the strategies and technology implementations of global banks of all sizes. Her recent research has addressed global cash management trends and technologies, capturing the valuable small-business customer, digital transformation, user experience initiatives, and the drivers of core banking system replacement. She is a seasoned banking industry expert with more than 20 years of experience in financial services products and technologies. She has worked with a broad range of U.S. and international clients, analyzing industry trends and identifying market opportunities, product gaps, and potential partners to help them achieve their strategic IT goals.
Bruce Switzer

Bruce Switzer

Principal, Banking & Financial Services, Pyramid Solutions

Bruce has extensive experience working with organizations to leverage the value of unstructured data. His work at Pyramid Solutions is focused on helping banks and financial services organizations optimize and automate business processes to drive revenue growth and cost savings, and improve customer acquisition and retention.

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