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Surex Automates Insurance Processes and Saves $100,000 Annually with RPA  

Client Overview

Based in Alberta, Surex is one of Canada’s fastest growing Insurance Marketplaces offering auto, home, condo/tenant and business insurance. Surex has won several awards including 2020 Best Insurance Workplace, IBC 2020 Fastest Growing Company and Top 10 Brokerages in Canada list (by Insurance Business). They currently offer insurance in BC, AB, SASK, MAN, ONT, PEI, NB, NS Yukon, Nunavut & NWT.

The Challenge

Surex Insurance had several swivel-chair tasks slowing down their productivity and affecting overall employee satisfaction. One area that they needed to address came from their broker management application, Power Broker. Since the system has no API, employees had to painstakingly take customer data from their online portal and then plug it into Power Broker. This caused a lot of jumping back and forth between applications, resulting in frustration, errors, and wasted time.

On top of that, data input wasn’t standardized, meaning that employees were filling out account data differently I.e. first name, last name when it should’ve been last name, first name. As a result, this caused issues for compliance to spend time finding tickets and then needing to change it to keep data aligned and correct. 

Additionally, the insurance carrier had other swivel-chair tasks causing hiccups in productivity, which included manual EDI downloads and having to manually handle credit card payments. ​

For Surex, these inefficient processes had to be fixed, so they sought a partner who could deliver an effective automation solution, and chose Pyramid Solutions.

Our Innovative Solution

Pyramid Solutions looked carefully over at Surex’s workflows to assess the best way to move forward to better streamline their processes. Since Surex had Automation Anywhere RPA, it would be an ideal solution to automate their processes. We recommended our professional services offering, which included a four-week getting started package customized to Surex’s needs. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, professional services would be done via virtual mentorship from one of our RPA experts who would guide Surex through building a bot from scratch and deploying it. 

To address the Power Broker issue, we mentored Surex into building a bot that would take the data from the BMS and plug it into the Power Broker system with rules in place so that the data would be put in correctly. By automating this process, Surex managed to save around $100,000 annually and shave off between 280 and 500 worker hours every month. That’s around two full-time employees! 

Additionally with our mentoring, Surex are building two other bots themselves to automate EDI downloads and credit card payments to help save them time — and sleep! 

Altogether, this service only took 160 hours of RPA production, a swift time to implement an automation solution; This also included Surex’s head start to build bots to automate other internal processes with EDI downloads and credit card processing. 

Pyramid Solutions will be working with Surex in the future with even more mentorship time to identify red flags within their automation processes and ensure best practices in bot building and RPA architecture. 

Technology Used:

  • EAutomation Anywhere RPA
  • EZendesk
  • EBroker Management System
  • EPower Broker

    Our Exceptional Results

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    Competitive Advantage

    With our professional services, we mentored our client through building an RPA bot from scratch — and we can do the same for you. 

    Let’s help move your RPA forward.

    If you’re held back due to slow, manual business processes, we can help. Whether you’re looking for mentoring, like our client above, or need us take care of all the bot building and deployments, we can handle it.