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Global Financial Institution Enhances Customer Experiences with Self-Service Portal

A Case Study

Client Overview

Our client has quickly become one of the largest financial institutions in the world with an offering that includes a wide range of commercial, retail banking, and wealth management solutions to suit every financial need for customers. 

The Challenge

To increase customer satisfaction levels, our client’s transaction banking department evaluated their customer request process and found that they needed to reduce the time and effort it took for clients to make requests.

From their evaluation, they found clients were forced to call a sales representative to submit any kind of requests, for example: 

  • Changing an admin on their account
  • Removing products from their profiles
  • Completing wire transfers and more

The sales representative would then transfer the request to the back office, in which case, all transparency would be lost. Ultimately, this caused long wait times and unhappy customers.

    Our Innovative Solution

    Knowing that commercial clients were forced through painful experiences, we moved fast to build a secure self-service portal that they could leverage immediately. The portal allows clients a painless way to communicate with the bank, submit requests, and understand the status of their requests — all in one place.

    As part of this project, an important component was to provide seamless integration to the IBM environments, which ensured streamlined processes that increased efficiency and reduced the time it took to complete requests. 

    In just under a year the portal was built out, and with that, our client saw major benefits including better process visibility to customers, reduced operating costs, and most importantly, allowed skilled workers to be repositioned to higher revenue-generating tasks!

    Technology Used:

    • EIBM Case Manager
    • EIBM Content Navigator
    • EIBM Forms
    • EIBM MQ

      Our Exceptional Results

      Increased Customer Satisfaction

      Reduced Operating Costs


      Transparency Throughout Process

      We added a self-service portal that integrates with IBM technology to achieve efficient processes and better customer experience. 

      Imagine what we can do for you. 

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