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Fortune 500 Financial Group Obtains Better Customer Satisfaction, Less Operating Costs, Implements New Content Management System 

A Case Study

Client Overview

Our client is a Fortune 500 company and a nationally recognized leader in consumer and business financial services. They have earned the S&P’s prestigious AA+ very strong rating, making them one of the strongest life insurance groups in the world. 

The Challenge

The financial group embarked on a multi-year initiative to replace their end-of-life content management environment to improve enterprise scalability and reduce overall operating expenses. They also needed to re-engineer their existing business processes without missing any opportunities that their previous content management stack could not address.


Our Innovative Solution

Pyramid Solutions started by leveraging the power of IBM Datacap and IBM Case Manager to serve as the main capture and content management platforms as they both had out-of-the-box functionality, allowed configuration and addressed all of the business and IT needs of the client. 

In addition, we utilized and integrated Pyramid eXpeditor within the IBM environments to enhance the user’s experience with added capabilities, including bookmarking, high-speed document viewer, templates, and accelerators. 

With the environment in place, our client realized a reduction in operating costs, and cycle times, and optimized processes across the enterprise. 

Technology Used:

  • EIBM Datacap
  • EIBM Case Manager
  • EPyramid eXpeditor

    Our Exceptional Results

    Increased Customer Retention

    Reduction of Operating Costs

    Optimized processes across the enterprise

    Our client saw benefits across the board with optimized processes. 

    What can we do to help your company? 

    If you’re held back due to outdated technology systems or manual business processes, we can help. Whether you’re looking for consulting services and training or need a more comprehensive solution such as a full-on install and integration, reach out to see how we can make your organization more efficient.