Enterprise Content Management Additional Resources

Content Capture Workshop

Our Content Capture Workshop is your opportunity to get a complete understanding of the capture technology landscape. We will hone in on how it can impact your business for the better, top vendors in the marketplace and how to get started with capture. If you’re not...

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Robotic Processing Automation Workshop

Our Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Workshop is your opportunity to get a complete understanding of RPA, how it can impact your business and where to start.  If you're not quite sure where to begin or the value RPA brings, this workshop is for you.  During the...

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Five Things You Forgot About Client Onboarding

First impressions count, and unfortunately, 40% of consumers have been disappointed with their initial banking onboarding experience to the point where they abandon the process altogether. Banks have gotten complacent with their onboarding process. With so many changes in consumer behaviors, industry trends and technology offerings, it’s easy to put new client onboarding on the back burner.

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