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Digital Business Automation – How Does it Affect IBM Case Manager?

In March 2018 IBM announced details of the merger of several products to create the IBM Automation Platform for Digital Business. This represents a change in focus from traditional enterprise content management (ECM) to DBA or digital business automation – a term that gained momentum and is used beyond the scope of IBM.

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Five Ways Banks Screw Up Client Onboarding

First impressions count. That’s why the client onboarding process that banks provide has to be good. If a client has a bad experience with your bank while they’re trying to become a customer, what does that tell them about the rest of the experiences they’ll have? In a competitive market, banks have a lot to lose if their first impression isn’t an impressive one.

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Thought Datacap Only Captured Text? Think Again.

It seems like every day there is a new IBM Watson tool for us to learn about. The ones that catch my attention are the ones that integrate with my world – a world that revolves around content and the services required to make the most of it. While at IBM Think, I had the opportunity to learn about Watson Visual Recognition and how it can be used to classify incoming content.

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