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Why ECM Is Evolving Into Content Services

Even though the concepts of ECM and content services are supposed to accomplish the same things, the change has to do with the core infrastructure of a company and how enterprise compliance and system integrations can be made easier. The meaning of ECM evolved as the need for storing content on one platform began to dwindle. How organizations manage their content based on their particular initiatives became more important than how and where the content was being stored.

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How to Prepare Your Employees for RPA

Although the benefits of RPA are abounding, any major change in technology that will alter your employees’ daily activities will require efficient preparation and change management. Here are some tips to get your team geared up for the inevitable technological evolution.

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On-Demand Webinar: IBM Decisions Explained

What is IBM Automation Platform for Digital Business? Where and how does Operational Decision Manager (ODM) fit within the platform? Watch our 30-minute on-demand webinar and learn everything you need to know.Get all your questions answered:What the...

On-Demand Webinar: Capture Explained

What is IBM Capture and how does it IBM Digital Business Platform? Watch our 30-minute on-demand webinar to learn: What the IBM Capture component of the Digital Business Platform is New capabilities available How it effects existing Datacap customers And...

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The Ultimate Content Migration Worksheet

Start your content migration project off on the right foot. Content migrations sound pretty easy. Move your content from one system to another system. What could go wrong? A lot…content migrations have tons of moving parts that you need to think about and...

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