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Unleash the Power of Dark Data

Before I begin, let me assure you that dark data has nothing to do with evil forces or anything of the like, so you may now put down your holy water and call off the IT exorcist. Dark data is any data asset that an organization stores, but never uses.

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Insurance Innovation Tips from Farm Bureau

“The conservative reputation the industry enjoys has served to camouflage a tremendous track record of innovation.” – Deloitte | Despite its longstanding conservative, stoic persona the life insurance industry has always experienced innovation. The difference now is that insurance innovation has become the new face of the industry because of the adjective that’s been tacked on to it: disruptive.

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Why RPA is Not Your Silver Bullet

A lot of people think that robotic process automation (RPA) is a new technology that just came to fruition. This is not true. It is definitely a buzzword at the moment, but in actuality, RPA has been around for years. Remember when automated customer service systems first made their debut

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IBM Automation 2018

We look forward to being an exclusive sponsor of IBM Automation 2018 — a premier digital business automation event. This one-day event is stuffed to the brim with sessions and vendors demoing products and teaching attendees about strategies…

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Partnering With LOMA to Achieve Greater Success

By partnering with LOMA (Life Office Management Association), we are able to provide better solutions and services to our life insurance clients. Access to industry leaders and some of the industry's largest life insurance conferences will provide us with a platform...

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