By Dayna Carlin, Marketing Executive

A lot of our clients were unsure about attending IBM World of Watson (WoW) this year. As an IBM ECM (enterprise content management) Business Partner, we too were skeptical about being a Gold Sponsor. I mean, it’s Watson, c’mon! What could be more intimidating? It’s a massive supercomputer that can save lives, bake (we tried some cognitively-made chocolate), write a hit song, oh and it also won jeopardy.

So what does enterprise content management have in common with Watson?

Where does it even fit in at a conference like IBM World of Watson?

With these questions lingering in my mind, I was determined to find out. And I was surprisingly shocked…

Five places I found ECM at World of Watson:

  1. For starters, and to get our company plug out of the way, the expo floor (cleverly named the “Cognitive Concourse this year”). We are IBM’s go-to ECM partner, so we were loud and proud on the Cognitive Concourse.

Pyramidians at work

We unveiled the newest version of Pyramid eXpeditor, which, might I add, blows away every document viewer on the market. (Hey, what can I say, I’m head of the Marketing Department – I have to throw my shameless plugs in wherever I can.) And we gave 20, yes 20, presentations throughout the conference. Check them out here.

  1. Our Team also attended an array of breakout sessions that focused on ECM. Here are two that stood out.

“Trends & Directions: Outthink Content Chaos-A Winning Strategy for Content Services”

“Innovation Knows No Boundaries Between Start-Up and Enterprise”

  1. Our hands-on lab, “Building Cognitive Solutions Using IBM Bluemix and IBM Case Manager,” is admittedly another selfish plug, BUT it was also a major spot where ECM existed. The lab attracted a surplus of participants and received rave reviews.

Hands on lab attendees.


  1. IBM VP of Product Development for IBM Analytics, Rob Thomas, gave an excellent keynote address about how to leverage data and machine learning. He stressed that “builders of the future” must embrace five key things:
  • Open source
  • Fit for purpose – The ability to appropriately apply what you build.
  • Data diversity
  • Hybrid – Everyone has a destination that’s hybrid.
  • Intelligent applications – Changing the nature of analytics in your organization.

Click to watch his entire lecture, “Trends & Directions: Building and Innovating With Data.”

  1. Above all, the most prominent spot I found ECM at WoW was listening to IBM Chairman, President and CEO, Ginni Rometty’s keynote speech.

“It’s [Watson] helping you with insurance and what are your options. It could be helping you with the weather and your allergies, your banking services, your government services, your travel plans, and much more…Our goal is augmenting intelligence. We envision a world of man and machine. This is all about extending your expertise – human expertise.”


About the author: Dayna is the marketing expert at Pyramid Solutions. She loves a good brainstorm session and anything SEO-related. If she’s not in the office, you’ll find her at a CrossFit gym.