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By Dayna Carlin, Marketing Executive

“We are embracing technological innovation and making banking even easier for our customers. And we are developing a new generation of bankers equipped with the knowledge, skills and integrity to take us into an even brighter future.”

American Bankers Association (ABA) President and CEO, Rob Nichols started the ABA Annual Convention off strong with the above line and followed it with an even stronger call to action. “The two million women and men who work for America’s banks put us in this position. We need to seize this opportunity.”

I couldn’t agree more with Nichols. Bankers like you work hard to form the industry. We must honor that work and continue it. After attending the convention in Chicago, I learned how the ABA plans to do that.

  1. American Bankers Association is at the table and an active participant in discussions on tax reform and regulatory reform. The Association has members and bankers working with policyholders to guide them in understanding the real issues when they craft new policies.
  2. The America’s Banks Campaign is an opportunity for banks to tell their story. It’s important that our policymakers hear these so they understand what banks do for their communities and how much they lend to small businesses, farmers, homeowners, and others.
  3. Developing banker talent is a huge focus area. The ABA currently hosts more than 30 different conference and training sessions to educate bankers, and 70,000 online learning sessions for members.
  4. Continually focus on the future. The American Bankers Association recently created a new Emerging Leaders Advisory Board. This group will attend an Emerging Leaders Forum in Washington DC where they will share challenges and strategies, engage in roundtable discussions, and explore how millennials are shaping the future of banking.
  5. Help banks adapt to new technology and/or regulatory changes. They plan to do this by publishing a range of free resources for members and non-members. Here are some you might find useful:

To learn more about what the American Bankers Association is doing to create a bright future for bankers, go here.  

About the Author: As the Marketing Executive, I love to continually investigate and improve our product development, sales and marketing tactics. It’s awesome to work with teams of people that are passionate about their work because it makes coming to the office exciting. I spend most of my weekends working on never-ending home improvement projects and playing with my three dogs.