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By Taylor Trapani, Marketing Associate

Managing insurance claims content is a complex process that many insurers struggle with on a daily basis. Massive amounts of incoming content call for efficient systems that all too often fail to get the job done. Here are some common myths surrounding content management and supporting facts to debunk them.

Myth 1: Users can easily add content to a claim from any source.

Fact: Claims content arrives in many formats and even from third-party systems, making it difficult to organize and place content. Content frequently even ends up in the wrong claim case.

Myth 2: A claims management system is a one-stop-shop for all content and data.

Fact: A claims management system tends to silo content by departments, making it inaccessible to users outside of their department. Separating content from other departments makes the process incohesive and troublesome when the claim changes

Myth 3: All users have access to a claim and policy content any time they need it.

Fact: Users outside of the claims process including other lines of business and auditors have a difficult time accessing content due to acquisitions or legacy systems. Multiple copies of the same information used across claims departments also make retrieving information confusing and time-consuming.

Myth 4: Users can immediately act on content upon arrival.

Fact: There is usually a delay between when content arrives and when it is available in a claims management system. In addition, notification of new documents requires customization which is a feature most systems don’t have. Also preventing immediate action is when multiple documents are associated with a single activity or when large documents need to be split among several workers.

Myth 5: A claims department has complete control over its processes and content.

Fact: Insurers heavily rely on IT departments to improve or fix the claims process. The structure also makes reacting to changing business needs a slow, costly, and time-consuming process.

Is your organization falling victim to any of these myths? Not only are they not true, but solutions exist to address each of these specific problems. Pyramid Solutions produces one of these solutions – Pyramid eXpeditor for Claims Processing. Explore our website or contact us to learn more about this solution.