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By Brian Benoit, Technical Consultant & Solution Architect

All too often documents arrive in our inboxes that are many separate files or one huge file containing many documents. These kinds of files are difficult to organize and keep track of.

Do you ever wish you could split or merge documents? How many of these instances below can you relate to?

  1. Combine multiple attachments from a customer (ex. drivers license and photos) into a single document.
  2. Keep the original version of a legal brief for example, and process separate documents.
  3. Add a signature page to an existing document.
  4. Combine documents in your capture process that are incorrectly split.
  5. Add amendments to an existing document.
  6. Correctly order pages that are out of sequence.
  7. Split a single file agreement that a customer sends.
  8. Send a portion of a document to a colleague to complete.
  9. Add new pages to an existing document.
  10. Split a single document scanned to the repository.
  11. Send specific pages to a client instead of the entire document.
  12. Combine documents from multiple repositories.
  13. Add images to an existing document.
  14. Separate a manual or book into chapters.
  15. Collect key bookmarked pages from multiple documents to form one document.
  16. Pull annotated pages from one or more document(s) into a new document.

If your answer is yes to all 16, or even one, we have a tool made just for you. Pyramid eXpeditor for Content, with a Document Split and Merge feature, is an effective and easy-to-use tool that enables you to configure documents how you need and want them. It is an add-on that extends the capabilities of IBM Content Navigator. Watch the below video to learn more.