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We provide Enterprise Content Management (ECM) services and solutions for advanced case management, business process management and advanced document imaging (OCR) to drive greater operational efficiency and reduce dependency on paper-based and manual processing.

With years of experience in the insurance and banking industries, we have a deep understanding of the most complex content management systems. With your business goals leading every decision, we offer creative, effective solutions.

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Pyramid eXpeditor

Pyramid eXpeditor™ is a collection of tools, best practices and enterprise content management services and solutions that enable organizations to strategically organize, find and process structured and unstructured content. Pyramid eXpeditor helps organizations focus more time on the customer and less time on day-to-day process management.

Pyramid eXpeditor offerings include:

  • Pyramid eXpeditor for Case: Improves the functionality of IBM Case Manager with tools for content searching, document characterization and processing.
  • Pyramid eXpeditor for Content: Extends the functionality of IBM Content Navigator to include document tagging, bookmarking, split and merge, and context-based searching capabilities.
  • Agile eXporter: Connects to a repository to select, organize, format and export large sets of documents.
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Workplace XT is Over… Now What?

Workplace XT is Over… Now What?

Businesses have used Workplace XT for a long time to create process workflows, interact with content and define custom searches, so many have been hesitant to upgrade to Content Navigator due to the stress it could cause end-users. But we also have good news for you if you’re a FileNet customer still operating on Workplace XT: the conversion to IBM Content Navigator allows users to keep existing workflows and doesn’t require much customization.

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10 Tips for Preparing Your Content Migration Project

10 Tips for Preparing Your Content Migration Project

Content is the fuel that powers your organization, so it’s important that it’s well taken care of. If you’re thinking about a content migration, you may be a little uneasy. It’s not an easy process, and it’s often even an underestimated project by a lot of the key players involved in a new system implementation. Here are the top considerations to thoroughly account for before you begin to migrate even a portion of your millions of documents.

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