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Enterprise Content Management

Product Update: Pyramid eXpeditor 3.6

It’s our pleasure to announce the immediate availability of Pyramid eXpeditor 3.6 (formally known as PIX and PLX). For current customers utilizing Pyramid eXpeditor, these updates are free under your current support agreement.    PX 3.6 Updates Include:...

Improve Client Onboarding for Banks With These Four Levels of Visibility

Just like how Donkey in “Shrek” was eager to arrive at the Far Far Away Kingdom, banking customers are eager to complete the onboarding process and use their banking services.

To quiet customer questions, banks need to have an efficient, transparent onboarding process. We encourage our partners to leverage enterprise content management tools that create four levels of visibility into the onboarding process so their customers don’t have to ask how much longer? or is the process done yet?