End of Life Announcement for BridgeWay 1.0 Gateways

Pyramid Solutions strives to provide visionary solutions that deliver exceptional results. As technology continues to evolve, there comes time when great products become discontinued as they make way for improved products with greater capabilities. 

The end of life (EOL) for the following BridgeWay 1.0 Gateway devices include: 

The calendar of events for the EOL is as follows: 

  • End of Life: 12/31/2021 
  • End of Support: 12/31/2022 

Replacement Gateways 

In order to help our clients better manage the EOL for BridgeWay 1.0 Gateways, Pyramid Solutions BridgeWay 2.0 Gateways are easy to configure replacement devices. 

The BridgeWay 2.0 gateways are field-proven, designed to provide immediate benefits, and cost less than the BridgeWay 1.0 gateways 

EOL Gateway Support  

The end of support date specifies the end of all gateway related support unless otherwise specified by separate announcement or customer service contract.  

After this date, software updates, technical support, and hardware repairs will be unavailable To understand the easiest path of transition to BridgeWay 2.0 gateways or if you have any questions, we encourage you to contact us and we are happy to help in any way possible. 

Pyramid Solutions reserves the right to extend support beyond our stated date at our sole discretion. Conversely, hardware repairs may be limited due to component availability constraints. If any critical parts become unavailable before the EOS date, which affects our ability to provide a system repair or component replacement, Pyramid Solutions will update our end of support date and will inform all clients.