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Content Services Blog

Data is the fuel that powers your business. Subscribe to our content services blog to get tips on storing and using your organization’s content and industry updates.


Industrial IoT Blog

Ready to learn the secrets of the connected enterprise? Subscribe to our IIoT blog for ways to monitor and control your connected devices, industry updates and tech tips.




PROFINET– what do you really know about it? Perhaps just that it’s a protocol– maybe even that it’s a standard Ethernet protocol. Let’s clear up any questions or uncertainties you have about what PROFINET is and why it has one of the largest installed bases of any Industrial Ethernet protocols.

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Industry 4.0 Blog

The “fourth Industrial Revolution” poses great benefits, but implementation is not always simple. Subscribe to get technical tips and ways to get your products to market faster with industrial automation.


Optimize Labor Efficiency with MES Data and Analytics

Optimize Labor Efficiency with MES Data and Analytics

There are plenty of factors that affect overall efficiency on the plant floor, but even with advancements in technology and automation, efficiency still greatly depends on the employees operating the machines and making their way around the factory floor. Read on to see how MES data and analytics can help optimize labor efficiency in these environments.

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