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FAQs of an IBM FileNet P8 Migration

System migrations are a necessary part of moving your business to the newest technologies. If you are looking to move to a new FileNet system, you will certainly need to understand this process. Despite understanding the end result of a migration, many managers don’t know the actual process of a migration and what it entails.

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Why Nerf Gun Wars Are a Must in the Office

Two weeks on the job as Pyramid Solutions’ new Marketing Associate, a woman on the Banking & Financial Services Team not much older than me approached me with a pink Nerf gun in hand. She handed it to me and left me with words that haunted me for several days: You’re going to need this.

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How a Client-Centric Outlook Sets Us Apart

The typical customer experience for purchasing software, IT hardware, or even professional services looks a little something like this: You do some online research, read reviews and articles in journals and magazines (online or in print) and/or talk to your peers inside or outside of your organization or even go as far as hiring a consultant. Then after a while, you narrow your choices down to one or more vendors that you may evaluate even further – perhaps having the vendors perform a proof of concept or provide a demo. You’re a customer in this scenario.

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Helping Others Live Longer and Grow Stronger

By Steven Wiercinski, Senior Support Developer Being on the Ford Field turf where Detroit Lions players walked before me was a special feeling. Seeing the smile on my 15-month-old son's face as he walked on the field was an extraordinary feeling. On April 2nd, I,...

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