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The most successful organizations recognize that change is one constant they can leverage to stay ahead of the competition. With our unique combination of strategy, technology and expertise, we help organizations solve operational and technology challenges that deliver visionary solutions to produce exceptional automation results.

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COVID-19 Forcing Change for Financial Institutions

COVID-19 Forcing Change for Financial Institutions

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced industries around the world to reshape how they do business. To understand the effects this pandemic is having on the banking and finance industry and determine how financial institutions can combat them, we sat down with our very own Bruce Switzer, Banking and Financial Services Principal, and Marty Gulewicz, Banking and Financial Engagement Manager, to talk about what they are seeing within the banking and financial landscape since COIVD came into play. 

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Seven Must Have Reports when Sequencing Automotive Parts

Seven Must Have Reports when Sequencing Automotive Parts

Sequencing automotive parts consistof real-time communication with the customer and suppliers, building products in a set order, and shipping quality products on time. Because of the nature of JIT manufacturing, it is critical for manufacturers to have real-time reports of their sequencing processes.  

As the need for visibility is so important, we thought we’d share some reports our clients are using today to keep the flow of real-time information visible and ensure their production goals are met.

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What Does IBM Business Automation Workflow (BAW) Mean for Case Manager Users

What Does IBM Business Automation Workflow (BAW) Mean for Case Manager Users

As the new IBM Business Automation Workflow has many great capabilities, a lot of IBM Case Manager clients are asking themselves what does this mean to my existing Case Manager environments, do we need to upgrade, what will happen? What is different?

Watch this 20 minute webinar to learn how IBM BAW affects existing Case Manager environments.

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