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Wow, what a week IBM World of Watson was. From hearing Ginni Rometty speak about Watson’s future to seeing Imagine Dragons live, to giving 20 presentations, and talking to over 600 people, we had a blast. If you weren’t able to attend IBM World of Watson or couldn’t fit some of our presentations into your schedule, you’re covered. Download each of our presentations below and take a look at the fun we had.

Applying IBM Predictive Analytics to IBM Case Manager to Create Cognitive Solutions

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By combining IBM Predictive Analytics and Bluemix tools, you can tell which tasks, data and documents will lead a case to a more successful completion. These tools can extend both on-premise and cloud solutions that you may already have. We use predictive analytics to make a standard case solution smarter. This means knowledge workers can make decisions guided by cognitive components. With each case processed, the tool becomes more knowledgeable and accurate, taking case solutions to the next level.

Mortgage Lender Accelerates Implementation With Cloud

One of the nation’s leading mortgage lenders had an aggressive growth model in place and currently leverage IBM Case Manager on Cloud and Pyramid eXpeditor for Mortgage Origination Management to improve their market share. They began their growth journey by reducing their manual, “stare-and-compare” processes with an OCR-enabled, business-rules-driven case solution, supported by operational analytics. See how we joined teams and leveraged an agile approach to support our client’s business growth and improve productivity.

Union Bank Slashes Onboarding Times with Analytics, Mobile and E-Signature

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The MUFG Union Bank (MUB) Transaction Banking Department undertook a multi-year initiative to shorten new customer onboarding time with the ultimate goal of business growth. During this initiative, MUB captured a myriad of data. Now that the initial foundation is set, the real fun begins. This data provides newfound visibility into MUB’s processes that will propel it from a position of catch-up to market leader. The solution fueling its accelerated growth puts relevant information in the palm of every user’s hand.

Building Cognitive Solutions Using IBM Bluemix and IBM Case Manager

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IBM Case Manager provides the ability to extend solutions through widgets, workflow components, and IBM Content Navigator plug-ins. These custom extensions can be used in conjunction with Bluemix services to develop a cognitive solution in Case Manager. Watson and Analytics services are called by custom widgets to provide dynamic integration with the users and their actions. Download the lab manual to learn how to build a custom Case Manager widget that calls a Bluemix service.

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Making the Most of Captured Information

Congratulations! You captured information to classify and organize your documents. But now how do you leverage that information? Instead of putting it on the wayside, have all your employees utilize it. See show how businesses combine cognitive capture and case management technologies to gain insight and acumen.

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Utilizing Predictive Modeling to Meet Business SLAs

When businesses do not uphold service level agreements (SLAs) customer satisfaction drops, operational costs rise, and management oversight complicates. Discover how Pyramid Solutions uses IBM Bluemix, SPSS and IBM Case Manager to help businesses monitor and manage SLAs in the onboarding process.

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5 Considerations Before Deploying a Cloud Solution

What does a cloud solution truly promise? This presentation covers what exactly cloud is, the promise it holds, five things to consider before deploying a cloud solution, and how Pyramid Solutions has successfully done this before.

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Six Reasons Why You Need to Extend Guidewire

The Guidewire suite of products are great point solutions. But what happens when people outside of a Guidewire user group (like people in the legal department) need access to documents located in PolicyCenter? The answer is simple: they can’t. Learn how to bridge department silos so your organization always has enterprise-wide visibility and accessibility of documents.

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