Control & Monitoring of a Generator Application

Pyramid Solutions’ BridgeWay Gateways are a powerful and flexible device that enables connectivity from Automation Control Systems to Engine and other Vehicle and Equipment Control Systems. 

Application: Allows for the monitoring and auxiliary control of local or remote diesel engine-driven generators.

Problem: Most generators are unmanned and are either local or at remote sites around the world. This makes it difficult to monitor the generator and provide auxiliary control. This often requires access to the SAE J1939 (CAN vehicle network) to control the diesel engine and be able to actuate devices, such as louvers for air intake and exhaust.

Solution: The BridgeWay allows a local Automation Controller or remote control application to receive and send messages. This enables direct access to network data and the ability to perform control operations, which displays relevant parameters and allows for adjustments of the engine speed. In addition, we provide the ability to monitor and control the generator remotely from around the world. 

Get up and running with BridgeWay services

Need help designing a network solution? Looking to configure or integrate your BridgeWay? We offer consultation, development and system integration services including custom software development to help you achieve your specific application requirements.

Flexible BridgeWay gateways and interfaces offer a significant range of functionality and are used in a wide range of applications. Businesses that want to make the most of these capabilities, or even expand on them, can take advantage of our professional services expertise, especially when schedules are tight or custom functionality is required. We can create a solution package based on your specific needs from remote hourly support, to onsite services, to turnkey custom development. BridgeWay services include:

  • BridgeWay solution network design, installation and configuration assistance
  • BridgeWay and network training
  • Remote support/consulting services (scheduled hourly services via phone or email)
  • Onsite services (fixed price or hourly)
  • Custom BridgeWay enhancements and PC software applications
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