Industrial automation gateway, BridgeWay 2.0 has arrived, making J1939, EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP and DeviceNet connectivity easier than ever.

BridgeWay 2.0 boasts a variety of exceptional upgrades and changes. These are just a few that our clients are most excited about:

At Rockwell Automation Fair 2017, we had a pre-release of BridgeWay 2.0 and heard some great feedback from people who got to see the BridgeWay in action in a live demo at the show.

“The new form factor will free up a lot of space on my DIN rail which will be helpful.”


“Wow, the new USB configuration port was much needed! There were so many times where the serial port was an issue for us. Goodbye RS232 port and null modem cable!”


“It [BWConfig 2.0] can read and auto-convert legacy configuration files?! Sweet!”


“I really like the new message bridging feature…That’ll allow us to send PGN messages on the J1939 network when we want, in addition to having scheduled PGN messages.”


“Field termination is much easier…No more searching for D-Sub connectors, making special cables and soldering. Saves time and makes my life easier!

Our BridgeWay 2.0 gateways and interfaces solve connectivity challenges for a wide range of applications including plant floor, equipment and machine automation, motor control centers, oilfield equipment, generators, pumps, marine vessels,  locomotives and many other diesel-engine-driven platforms that support SAE J1939.

We offer the following industrial automation gateways:

If you’re a current BridgeWay user and want to upgrade, contact us and we can show you how easy it will be to migrate to BridgeWay 2.0 gateways and Interfaces.

If you’re interested in learning more, our network connectivity specialists would be happy to talk to you.

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