What’s better than Pyramid eXpeditor, version 5.0? Version 5.1. Check out some of the new capabilities:


Split Documents Faster Than Ever

It’s true: Now you can split documents faster than ever with our new quick-split mode. With just one click, users can split a document into multiple documents, define document class types, add associated properties and save the document back to the repository.

 Quickly split a document with just one click.

Emails? No Problem.

We’re pretty excited about this one. With V5.1, Pyramid eXpeditor users are now able to open, view and act on emails right in the document viewer. This means when your clients send an email, now you can open and view the email, add a bookmark, split it into two documents or add annotations if you’d like. Oh, and did we mention this can all be done with email attachments too?

Stay tuned for our release of version 6.0 in the coming months.

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