Version 5.0 of Pyramid eXpeditor is here and it is all about making searching within IBM P8 and IBM FileNet simple. There are two completely new features in V 5.0 and some significant updates.

Feature #1: A New-and-Improved-Blow-Your-Mind Kind of Search

People who make important decisions day-in-and-day-out based on key client information will want to pay special attention to this one.

With an extremely intuitive search dashboard, Pyramid eXpeditor now allows users to easily create a unique search and save it for later use or share it with colleagues.

But the true excitement is what is under the covers. When Pyramid eXpeditor performs a complex search, it does so not only in your documents and content but also – are you ready for this – across your repositories and in all your folders, cases, documents and content metadata.

But, we’re not done.

It also searches for bookmarks and tags.

Stop making your searches complex and start making searching simple with Pyramid eXpeditor.

New Feature #2: A Dynamic Notepad

Ok. You hear notepad and think of the simple notepad that you get on any computer.

Scratch that.

The PX notepad is a fully-configurable notepad where you can take notes how you want or establish a notepad template for your team to leverage to ensure they follow a specific process.

Within the notepad, you can link to other documents in the system, add images, save the note as a PDF or print it.

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