By Bob DuBois, President

In fall of 1990, Pyramid Solutions opened its doors for the first time in Troy, Michigan with a focus on creating solutions for the manufacturing industry. The staff was small – totaling three – but the goal was clear: create visionary solutions that yield exceptional results for our clients.

Bob & Dan in the early years

Twenty-seven years later, several cities over, a few less mustaches, solutions for a wider range of industries, and the goal is still the same.

This season we get to celebrate 27 years.

Twenty-seven years of success and failures.

Twenty-seven-years-worth of clients.

And twenty-seven-years-worth of people: Pyramidians who get things done, families that support us, business partners that work with us, and clients who value our partnership.

Listed below are Pyramidians who have been with us almost from the beginning and who consistently demonstrate our core values of teamwork, innovative problem solving, passion and growth.

  • Dan, 27
  • Merwyn, 25
  • Jim, 25
  • Glenn, 25
  • Ed, 24
  • Paul, 23
  • Dave, 21

Thank you to everyone that has ever been part of making Pyramid Solutions the organization it is today. Here are some photos from the years…

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