By Taylor Trapani, Marketing Associate

This is how I envision the mortgage industry today:

A middle-aged woman dressed in a suit balancing on a unicycle on a platform that keeps moving. She is juggling five different objects and has a group of spectators shouting requests like “close your eyes!” and “juggle faster!”

The mortgage industry is advancing at rapid speeds. Lenders are in a catch-22 between appeasing long-time customers and attracting millennials. Buzzwords like startups, fintechs, blockchain, cloud, mortgage technology and digital hang in the air with little insight as to where they will touch down.

Is it chaos or are we on the brink of something spectacular?

This is what makes the mortgage industry an exciting place to be – the unknown, the potential for growth and change.

However, if chaos is how you see it, part of that is having a plethora of sources spew a firehose of information at you. The best way to feel control is to educate yourself, so here is a list of articles, blogs, infographics, etc. from a range of credible sources that talk about mortgage technology and the industry today so you can make your own judgments.

Mortgage Technology and Mortgage Industry Trends

Blogs and Articles

  1. Looking at 2017 – Perspectives on Housing by Mortgage Bankers Association
  2. Why startups can’t disrupt the mortgage industry by Techcrunch
  3. 5 Things Not to Do in a Changing Banking Industry by Pyramid Solutions
  4. Using Old Technology Is One Way to Drive Away Mortgage Customers by Mortgageorb
  5. Gartner Says ECM is Reinventing Itself for the Digital Workplace by IBM
  6. Typical Enterprise Uses Six Cloud Computing Services, Survey Shows by Forbes
  7. Secondary market forecast: 2017 promises growing risk and sparse returns by HousingWire
  8. An AI-Fueled Credit Formula Might Help You Get a Loan by MIT Technology Review
  9. The Threat (And Opportunities) Facing Banks Today by Forrester
  10. Top Process Failures Driving Customers to Abandon Mortgage Onboarding (three-part blog series) by Pyramid Solutions
    1. Part 1: Wasted Time
    2. Part 2: Lost & Misplaced Documents
    3. Part 3: Poor Visibility
  11. Mortgage paperwork kills hundreds of thousands of trees a year by Chicago Tribune
  12. Here’s why getting started with digital mortgages is less complicated than it seems by HousingWire
  13. Closing times match a low last seen pre-TRID by National Mortgage News
  14. Look Who’s Driving the U.S. Housing Market…Millennials! By Bloomberg
  15. With $3M in funding, Morty is launching a marketplace of mortgage lenders by Techcrunch
  16. Blockchain: The Next Mortgage Industry Shake-Up? by Mortgageorb
  17. Electronic Signatures Narrowing Gap in Closing Table Process by Pyramid Solutions
  18. Servicers: Here’s how you can control mounting operation costs by HousingWire
  19. Achieving compliance in the cloud by CSO

Case Studies

  1. Mortgage Lender Eliminates Stare-and-Compare Processing from Servicing Group by Pyramid Solutions
  2. SunTrust: The Mortgage Process: From 10 Million Pages to Paperless by Pyramid Solutions


  1. Tech Hits The Home: 25 Startups Transforming The Mortgage Industry by CB Insights


  1. Mortgage Lender Sentiment Survey: End-to-End Integration Needed for Next-Gen Technology Solution Providers (TSPs) by Fannie Mae


About the Author: As the Marketing Associate at Pyramid Solutions, Taylor aids the Marketing Department in creating and writing valuable content for our clients. This summer, Taylor plans on spending her nights and weekends rollerblading, camping and soaking up the sun.

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