Pyramid eXpeditor 4.0 was great, but it is time to say hello and welcome 4.1. Pyramid eXpeditor (PX) is a collection of tools that extends IBM Case Manager and IBM Content Navigator capabilities to facilitate characterization, searching and processing of structured and unstructured content. 

PX 4.1 includes new features and a medley of upgrades/updates.

New to the Party


Think of PX Worksheets as a checklist or ‘to-do list” that is fully integrated into your business process. Our new worksheet feature provides users with a single reference point for all the steps and documentation needed to complete any task within a process. PX Worksheets group prescribed checks, tasks, actions and internal comments while automatically triggering workflows to ensure no vital step is overlooked. In addition, users can record actions and decisions taken to complete an item giving managers increased visibility and control.

You can use PX Worksheets in a variety of ways:Pyramid eXpeditor 4.1 Worksheets Feature

  • Verify that specific checks were performed
  • Document all open issues
  • Track and correct process issues
  • Onboard new employees faster
  • Provide an audit trail for process decisions and actions

Role-Based Redaction

Pyramid eXpeditor now supports the IBM Content Navigator role-based redactions featureThis means PX users can easily view and create redactions. Ensure private information stays hidden by redacting content that is inappropriate based on a user’s role or security clearance.

Role based redactions for IBM

Some Familiar Favorites that Look a Little Different

High-Speed Document Viewer

The PX Document Viewer continues to boast lightning-fast speeds, but for even more file types and with a few extra capabilities thrown in. We are introducing a new HTML5-based print function that can print documents with and without annotations in any browser. Additionally, users can now view CM8 documents and leverage shortcut keys and continuous annotation drawing. There is also a new low spec mode switch to help make older browsers and underpowered desktops more efficient. 


The PX Split/Merge feature now supports entry templates. Entry templates are a key part of business processes making this a valuable addition to Pyramid eXpeditor. PX Split/Merge pre-populates entry template properties (e.g. filing location, security model and anything else related to the document) from the master document before adding a new document. 

Adding documents to Split/Merge is easier than ever. Users can drag and drop documents directly from their desktop into Split/Merge or cut and paste images from their clipboard.

Current PX users can upgrade to Version 4.1 by contacting Pyramid Solutions at

Contact us to see 4.1 live in action with a personalized demo. 



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